We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Narrow Fabrics, used in various apparel forms from Casual-wear, Sportswear, Sleepwear, to Lingerie and Intimate-wear. Browse through our products and the e-catalogue to find an exciting range of Wovens, Knits, Jacquards, and Covered Elastomeric Yarn. These are used by our clients in a wide array of products from pants, skirts, tops, briefs, knickers, brassieres, gloves, socks and hosiery and many more products in the global apparel industry.

A dedicated and widely experienced staff from marketing, to product design & development, manufacturing, dyeing, finishing, finance and administration, make up the backbone of the company.


Originally known as Fantasia Elastics which was established in 1989, the company moved to its Mount Lavinia location in 2004, incorporating a complete dyeing and finishing process to manufacture and supply elastic for high-end intimate apparel solutions.

The new company Fantasia Narrow Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. was launched in February 2019 as a Technical Collaboration with (Former) Fantasia Elastics and Stretchline Holdings, Hong Kong.

With the approval of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (B.O.I.) Fantasia Narrow Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. operates with enhanced capacities and upgraded technical capabilities to accommodate the increasing growth in narrow fabrics for the global apparel industry.

Today, Fantasia Narrow Fabrics brings you benefits of superior capabilities backed by its coercive, shared experience and capabilities in Narrow Fabric Manufacturing spanning over three decades. We believe that our Fantasia Family, Quality, Speed and Flexibility are our core-drivers, which enable us to emerge as a leading supplier to local and international markets.




1. Renewable Energy

Plans to initiate a Solar Panel Project of an output close to one-megawatt at our Milleniya plant in 2020 are underway. This is a positive step towards an eco-friendly operation that would eventually move away from non-renewal energy to renewable energy consumption. This project reiterates our commitment towards sustainability and contribution towards environmental conservation at a national level.

2. Recycle

Reducing electricity consumption through sensor and LED technology is another step we are taking in enhancing sustainability at Fantasia.

3. Re-Use

An operational policy to re-use cones and cartons where permitted, in line with adapting the 3R concept, reiterates our commitment towards minimum waste and sustainability.

4. Reduce

A Dye Recycle Project at our Mount Lavinia plant is also planned to be operational in 2020. This is another step towards an eco-friendly operation that leads us to adapt to the internationally recognized ‘3R concept’ – ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.


Life at Fantasia is built on the core belief that ‘WE ARE ONE FAMILY’. This credence holistically includes our 450 associates across all disciplines in our facilities. Our growing numbers in valuable Human Resource, is the most important component of our core-values and constitutes the backbone of the company.

An established Welfare Society and a Joint Consultative Committee consisting of office bearers and worker-level representatives join hands with the Management to form a valuable process that cares for and ensures the welfare of each and every employee in our family at Fantasia. This forum also helps in jointly taking core-decisions concerning employee satisfaction and welfare that need implementation within the company as well as engaging and empowering employees to achieve company objectives.

A valued concept that is creating a positive and cooperative environment is our “TLGL” Team-Leader, Group-Leader concept being implemented on the shop-floor. This is a powerful team-concept driven through continuous training, that is evidenced in many improvements in efficiencies and other KPI’s in our processes.

Life at Fantasia is filled with encouragement and motivation. Our employees have numerous opportunities to develop their potential through our team-bonding efforts and Value-Adding training programmes.

The Annual ‘Fantasia Day’, January 1st and Vesak celebrations including Dansala’s are key events of many other festive, cultural and religious events, which brings everyone in our family together. We believe that employee satisfaction is key in accelerating our growth, and through these events we try our best to enable our staff to have a memorable, satisfying and life-enhancing stay at Fantasia.

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