Our production operations are run in two locations

A 70,000 sq. ft. (6,503 Meters2) production plant in Mount Lavinia (The celebrated seaside resort home to the famous Colonial-Heritage Mount-Lavinia Hotel) which is close to Colombo City.

A fully-air-conditioned facility of 55,000 sq. ft. (5,109 Meters2) on a 10-acre (4-hectare) land area set in a lush green environment at Arakagoda, Milleniya, Bandaragama, was commissioned in June 2017.


Knitted Elastics

Production Capacity Per Annum – 133 Million Meters per year


Production Capacity Per Annum – 07 Million Meters per year

Woven Elastics

Production Capacity Per Annum – 42 Million Meters per year

Covered Elastomeric Yarn

Production Capacity Per Annum – 288,000 Kilograms per year

Dyeing and Finishing

Advanced Dyeing and Finishing technology can process 181 Million meters of elastic throughput per year.



To produce the best quality products for our valued clients, we believe in the importance of continued upgrading with the latest technology and quality raw materials delivered through a seamlessly integrated supply value-chain that ensures we cater to the innovative demands of all our customers. The evidence of such latest technology and upgrades for quality assurance is seen in our production processes from incoming yarn, to in-line production and to Data-Color® systems for dyeing and finishing.

Laboratory Testing and Product-standards that each retail brand we work with, demands that a high-level of attention is paid to maintain their requirements throughout our operations that in turn, deliver a reliable product throughput.


We are technically competent in Product Development from knowledge to skills and technology. By employing resourceful Jacquard, Woven, Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing techniques, and adequate support-systems-technologies, our product-design capabilities are efficient and flexible in creating new designs and applications that meet global standards.

An Accredited Buyer-Approved Quality Testing Laboratory enables us to deliver comprehensive in-house testing solutions to ensure high-quality standards at all touchpoints. Together with all these value-offerings, Fantasia Narrow Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd. stands strong to deliver innovative and world-class elastic solutions to our valued clients.